Monday, April 12, 2010

Wimpy Ramona

The following whispering occurred before the start of  Holy Mass yesterday:

Anne-with-an-e: I'm freezing!

(Editor's note: the a/c was on.)

Me: Be tough.

Anne: Are you implying that I'm a wimp?

Me: Weeeeell ... (indicating a smidge with thumb and forefinger) ... maybe just a teeny bit.

Ramona: I'm a wimp, but I'm fully aware of it.


Margaret in Minnesota said...

Who talks like that? Your daughter, that's who. (I'm so glad you're writing this down!)

Margaret in Minnesota said...

That is to say, what child Ramona's age has a vocabulary like that?

Oh wait. Atticus teaches English, right?

Never mind.

Karen E. said...

"Oh wait. Atticus teaches English, right?"

Yes, but he never talks to the children.

Kidding. :)

Sara said...

I love the things your kids say!

Skysaw said...

Ramona's wonderful verbalisms brought to you by 1) God and His gifts and talents, 2) boatloads of reading, and 3) being around four other verbally brilliant people 24/7. With that great right brain God gave her, it all has to stick at some point! What a delightful and blessed family.

Karen E. said...

Thanks, Sara! And, Skysaw, you are waaaaay too nice to my family. :) Thanks.

tanita davis said...

Oh, that we might all be fully aware of our wimpiness...