Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How You Know That Spring Has Arrived

Hear a chirp.

Get a confused look on your face.

Say to self, "Didn't I just change all the batteries in the smoke alarms?"

Hear chirp again.

Sigh.  Purse lips in annoyance with smoke alarm manufacturers. Or perhaps with battery makers.

Hear chirp again.  Realize it's coming from a bird.

Feel foolish Yet delighted.

Get more coffee.


Faith said...

LOL! Our alarm down in our basement started making this weird sound (I think its the Carbon Monoxide alarm). It sounds just like a sneaker squeaking on the floor. You know that sound shoes can make? Anyway, both Rick and I thought it was a kid sneaking downstairs before we realized it was really the alarm!

But bird chirps are much nicer than sneaker squeaks.

Emily said...

The same thing happened to me yesterday. I kept hearing this tweeting, and since I have a cochlear implant I couldn't readily identify it. Then I realized the birds were back!
Good to know I"m not the only one who thought the fire alarms were being kooky!

Rochelle said...

I know that Spring has arrived when I hear the ice-cream truck for the first time, always earlier than