Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bits and Pieces of Procrastination

I am simply paralyzed of late with my blogging efforts.

I look at my blog in horror -- at its level of post-neediness -- and I think, "I have absolutely nothing to talk about!" or, "My children are boring and have said nothing funny today!" or, "I have two writing deadlines coming up, and that means that all I can think about is rearranging my closets!"

Then, I think, "I never use this many exclamation points! And the italics ... what's that about?"

Then, I go peer in my closet and wonder if rearranging it will make writing deadlines go away. It never has in the past, so I'm not overly hopeful about that.

In an effort to put off writing for just  few more minutes, I'll just add these bits and pieces or our days:

* Ramona is toothless and painfully adorable:

* My eldest child is officially registered for her first early-entry college class in the fall. Young moms, take note: the years pass quickly. Scarily quickly.

* Betsy will soon appear in our church choir's annual musical.  Last year, the production, which I co-directed, led to renewed faith in the Holy Spirit and the power of paper plates. This year, I have done nothing but make a few halos. I plan to sit in the audience and enjoy the new Stanislavsky's vision. Betsy will play an angel, which is not a stretch for her. More specifically, she'll play a Sassy Angel, which is a bit of a stretch, because although Betsy is great at pretending to be sassy, in reality she's one of the best children I've ever met. (I know two other really great ones, too.)


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Faith said...

Blogging is hard because you feel like you always have to perform. Performing gets to be a drag after a while. That's great that you have two writing deadlines. You're in demand! However, if you really want to make those deadlines disappear I give you permission to come to my house and rearrange my closets, because they could really use it.

Rochelle said...

You've described BRILLIANTLY what just about every blogger goes through now and then. Great post for someone with "nothing to talk about".

Karen E. said...

Faith, I'll be right over. :) And, thanks, Rochelle!

Liz said...

Yikes, Anne is signed up for college classes! Wasn't she just a first grader starting her first homeschooling year just about 5 years ago at most???? Where has the time gone? Of course this is the reaction I get when people who've been out of the loop realize that my daughter's married with a baby....

turtlemama said...

It cannot be said enough that few smiles are as cute as those of the newly toothless.

She is positively A*D*O*R*A*B*L*E*

tanita davis said...

What is it about gap-toothed smiles? Somehow, they're just as cute as the first toothless ones.

Betsy, the Sassy Angel. I think she needs a t-shirt...

I thought all your kids were LITTLE! What's this about college I hear? ;) YAY for your eldest! That's quite an accomplishment, seriously.

Happy Closet Cleaning! I've just finished my revision, and I'm dancing around singing, "O, Happy Day!" -- you'll get there...

Karen E. said...

Liz, time in Motherhood is a sort of alternative reality, isn't it?

Thanks, Turtlemama!

Tanita, when I started blogging, the girls were 12, 9 and 3. Yikes. They are now 16, 13 and 7. I just still write about them all as if they're two and I'll never let go. :)

"Anne-with-an-e" still has a couple of years of high school, but we're doing some early entry stuff at the local college. It will cover needed high school credits/subjects and will also earn her college credit at the same time. Great way to proceed, and I'm so glad we have that opportunity!