Monday, June 18, 2007

She likes to be precise

Ramona was up before anyone else. She crept into the living room and (she later told me) looked at Beachcombingfor awhile, then tiptoed up to my side of the bed and woke me.

As I stumbled toward the coffeemaker, she said to me, "I went to the computer, but you weren't there."

"No," I yawned, "I wasn't. You were the first one up."

She glanced over at the cat. "No, technically, Mr. Putter was the first one up. But I was the first person."


Jennifer said...

The computer is, sadly, the first place my children look for me as well. Too bad she doesn't make your coffee yet. :)

The Bookworm said...

I have a daughter like that ;) - see this post. (I linked to you.)

Karen E. said...

Jennifer, I always feel bad when they say, "I ALWAYS find you here," because the reason they always find me here is that I'm TRYING to grab computer time when they're sleeping, doing something else, etc. rather than take the time away from them. But, they see only the "Here's where I always find you" angle" .... :-)

Kathryn, too funny! I had to post about Angel, too.