Friday, February 09, 2024

Poetry Friday: Eve L. Ewing, on talking to bus drivers and the end of the world

Eve L. Ewing said of this piece: 

"This poem started out as being about the everyday moments that sustain us, born from an interaction with a bus driver. Due, probably, to both the times we live in and my generally apocalyptic character, it also became a poem about the end of the world." 

I gotta love any poet who combines small talk and eschatology. I'm there. 

by Eve L. Ewing

i’m confident that the absolute dregs of possibility for this society,
the sugary coffee mound at the bottom of this cup,
our last best hope that when our little bit of assigned plasma implodes
it won’t go down as a green mark in the cosmic ledger,
lies in the moment when you say hello to a bus driver
and they say it back—

when someone holds the door open for you
and you do a little jog to meet them where they are—


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I think perhaps my favorite lines from this one — though it's hard to pick a favorite — is: 

"and actually everyone who tried to keep me alive, keep me afloat, /and if not unblemished, suitably repaired."

Carol Varsalona, at Beyond LiteracyLink, has the Poetry Friday round-up today.

(Photo courtesy of William Larsen, Pexels.)


Irene Latham said...

Oh man, I love this poem! I too am blessed and highly favored and I too imagine being a star will be pretty awesome. Thank you! xo

Tabatha said...

Hoo hoo, I thought eschatology was the study of poop, so I was a little confused for a while. But I do love this poem and I saved it. Thanks, Karen!

Denise Krebs said...

Oh, my gosh, Karen. That poem is so absolutely precious. I was hooked when I got to
"when someone holds the door open for you
and you do a little jog to meet them where they are—" and then she just kept delighting my senses with so many TRUTHS of this community we have on Earth. "blessed and highly favored" indeed.

elli said...

Beautiful. And: weaving eschatology with small talk is my love language😁

I also love these weekly poetry posts, Karen. Thank you 🤗

jama said...

Oh wow!! Why have I never heard about this poet before? LOVE this poem. Thanks so much for sharing. I now know what eschatology means too. :)

Tracey Kiff-Judson said...

Karen, what a fantastic poem! Even though it contemplates "the end" it is so full of joy and gratitude. Thank you for sharing!

Patricia Franz said...

Gawd! This is good! And that last line!

Rose Cappelli said...

I love this poem so much. Her details are so unexpected and lovely like the crossing guard ushering the old folks, too - we've all experienced those things maybe without really noticing them. Thank you for sharing this! I feel blessed.

Carol Varsalona said...

Karen, this poem is a surprise. Taking ordinary everyday occurrences and lifting them to a new level of thought about life and the hereafter-wow. This line from Eve's sidenote resonated with me:
"I think the links between ancestry and the future are blurry and cyclical. Anyway, we really are stardust.”

Linda B said...

I feel like this is the poem to start my day, every day, Karen. What a blessing it is to read and revel in the words. It is hard to choose a favorite as you wrote, but "suitably repaired" feels good today! Perhaps I'll choose a special part every day! Thank you for sharing!

Karen Eastlund said...

Wow!!! Today is a treasure trove of gorgeous poems, and I think this one vies for #1. Thank you HEAPS for posting this. Best to you...

laurasalas said...

Oh, this is my favorite poem I've read in a while--thank you, Karen! I've emailed it to myself. What a treasure!

Linda Mitchell said...

How did she do that? The whole poem had me greedy for the next word--and it ended on star. Wow! This is a winner, for sure. How do I become a poet like this?!

Karen Edmisten said...

I'm so happy that this poem landed with you all the way it did with me! This is one of the poems I mentioned being walloped by in this comment to Jama, on last week's PF:

"Yes, I do love the way Leffler characterizes poems as 'a stranger knocking at the door.' I had that experience recently with two of’s daily poems. I hadn’t been reading the Poem of the Day every day (I go in spurts, sometimes opening each email, sometimes skipping them to clean up the Inbox, knowing I can always find the list of poems on the website.) Anyway, I was walloped twice this week, in a wonderful way, when I DID open the email and I DID find a beautiful stranger knocking at the door."


Margaret Simon said...

"all the creative ways our people greet each other
may be the icing on this flaming trash cake hurtling through the ether." My favorite line. This is a Wow poem, alongside NSN's Kindness.

Karen Edmisten said...

Yes, Margaret, I love that line too.
Would definitely put this alongside NSN!

Susan T. said...

Karen, I LOVE this. Thank you! "the icing on this flaming trash cake" is really a great way of putting it. I, too, have had someone kindly holler at me in traffic to tell me he could fix my car. Eve L. Ewing's poem "I saw Emmett Till this week at the grocery store" is wonderful, too. And so sad.