Friday, January 20, 2023

Poetry Friday: "Perfect for Any Occasion" by Alberto Rios

I'm back! I always fall off the earth (well, the blogosphere) sometime after Christmas and then feel behind for weeks. While everyone else is recapping the previous year and making resolutions for the new, I'm still gobbling Christmas candy, finding time to read books I love, and — as I look up from a book, wipe chocolate from my mouth, and sigh at the twinkling lights — find myself wondering if the tree will actually come down in February. (I say that as if I have no control over the matter, as if the tree will just fold itself up into a tidy package and trot off to a closet at some point.) 

Anyway, here I am, and I've decided to kick off 2023 with pie. Because, why not? And because Alberto Rios is a treasure. And because ... it's pie. A metaphor for life. Oh, sure, we all feel like mincemeat sometimes, but still. In general, "Pies," as Rios says, "live a life of applause." 

Happy, pie-ful 2023! 

Perfect for Any Occasion

by Alberto Ríos

Pies have a reputation.
And it’s immediate—no talk of potential

Regarding a pie. It’s good
Or it isn’t, but mostly it is—sweet, very sweet

Right then, right there, blue and red.
It can’t go to junior college,

Work hard for the grades,
Work two jobs on the side.

It can’t slowly build a reputation
And a growing client base.

A pie gets one chance
(Read the rest here, at 



author amok said...

The sounds in this line are making me say "Ahh! All good!"

"A full pound of round sound, all ahh, all good."

penelope said...

Happy New Year, Karen❣️Blessed Epiphany🌟I am looking to Candlemas for the escapades of tree down and out (to the compost/stumpery)🎄...

jama said...

LOVE this poem, happy to read it again for your first PF post of 2023!! Can't think of a better way to welcome a new year. Happy Bunny Year!

Kay said...

I enjoyed this poem--and yes, we used to have mincemeat pies at Thanksgiving, which caused much debate.

Tabatha said...

I admit, I would like a double helping of the pecan pie. Glad to hear that you are enjoying yourself, Karen!

Susan T. said...

"Oh sure, everybody used to love lard," made me start laughing. Thank you so much for this, Karen. This is a gem. I listened to Rios reading the poem at the link. I'm fixing to send this to some pie-loving friends.

Linda Mitchell said...

A delicious and wise choice for this week. A life of applause, indeed.

Mary Lee said...

Yum. And HAH! And it was actually a PUDDING that won dinner last night. Butterscotch pudding with a couple of tablespoons of for-real scotch in the recipe and tad more floating on top. Nom.

Maybe pie for next week's applause! (Or cheesecake...)

Happy New Year! Leave the tree up as long as you want. I give you permission. But when you do take it down, write a poem about it. I did. :-)

Karen Edmisten said...

Laura, yes, such a delightful line!
Penelope, it will probably be Candlemas around here too. :)
Jama, Happy Bunny Year!
Kay, I would love to eavesdrop on the mincemenat debate.
Tabatha, I'm passing the pecan. Enjoy thirds!
Susan, I loved the lard line, too, and also laughed out loud.
Linda, I'm applauding your approval of pie. :D
Mary Lee, wowza to that dessert! And what a terrific poetry prompt. :) I'll be making the rounds soon and can't wait to read your poem.

Linda B said...

A granddaughter has a big audition today & I'm making her a pumpkin pie, her very favorite in the world, even on her birthday. I will add this marvelous poem to the gift. I'm glad you're back, Karen, you bring great poems to us! I love "Oh sure, everybody used to love lard," - a profound comment on out history! Happy New Year!

Marcie Flinchum Atkins said...

Oh pie! Yum. And I hear you about feeling behind. I always feel like there is so much to do between Christmas and New Years that I don't REST enough.

Patricia Franz said...

OMG - this "Perfect For Any Occasion" is hilarious! The VOICE! Needs to be a picture book! I'm so glad you needed pie this week!

laurasalas said...

I love this! Thanks for sharing...will have to look for more of his work!

Ruth said...

What a fun poem! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Karen, you ticked my fancy with chocolate. Usually my cookie recipes have chocolate so I am drooling for a piece of cholesterol after reading your post. I made. Chocolate whiskey pie for the holidays that was a hit. Applause! Have another piece of chocolate and smile.

Anonymous said...

I just commented above but it went to anonymous.-Carol Varsalona