Thursday, June 16, 2022

Poetry Friday: I love the father my husband is


Every Father's Day, I marvel at the amazing father that my husband became, and is. 

And here's a perfectly beautiful poem by Li-Young Lee about his father. 

The happiest of Father's Days to Atticus, to my dad, and to all fathers. 

The Gift

To pull the metal splinter from my palm
my father recited a story in a low voice.
I watched his lovely face and not the blade.
Before the story ended, he’d removed
the iron sliver I thought I’d die from.

I can’t remember the tale,
but hear his voice still, a well
of dark water, a prayer.
And I recall his hands,


Michelle Kogan is hosting the round-up this week. 


Irene Latham said...

Thank you for the Li-Young Lee - one of my faves. xo

Susan T. said...

Beautiful! I'd never read that one before. Thank you, Karen.

Mary Lee said...

So sweet! The perfect tribute to fathers!

Karen Eastlund said...

What a gorgeous poem, what a loving image. Thank you for sharing this.

Linda B said...

It is so wonderful, Karen. Thanks for sharing. Happy Father's Day to Atticus!

Tabatha said...


Karen Edmisten said...

Thanks, all! Happy to share this lovely one with you. ❤️

Janice Scully said...

What a sweet poem about how gentle a father and a man can be. Removing a splinter is a rather intimate thing, isn't it, involving pain and fear and then the careful relief of suffering.

jama said...

Such a beautiful, tender poem. Never tire of reading it, especially since one of my fondest memories of my dad is how he removed a splinter from my finger, and how carefully he trimmed my nails. Happy Father's Day to Atticus!!

Michelle Kogan said...

Thanks for sharing Li-Young Lee's heartfelt and sensitive poem Karen, I enjoy revisiting with it on Father's Day. Happy Father's Day to your husband and father!

Patricia Franz said...

Beautiful poem for fathers! Thank you for sharing it!