Friday, October 01, 2021

Poetry Friday: Last Minute Effort (and Taylor Mali's Metaphor Dice)

Teaching a Brave Writer class. Starting edits on my latest book. 
(What? I haven't talked about the new book? Details coming soon.) 

I didn't get a Poetry Friday post done, so I stole a past poem from myself, from a past busy day, a past frantic Friday. 

Be sure to visit Catherine at Reading to the Core for the round-up this week. 


Oh, and did I mention that Taylor Mali commented on last week's post? The always lovely Janet Fagal (Janet Clare F. in comments) is a friend of his and confirmed that it was the actual Taylor commenting on my actual blog when I expressed skepticism that Mali would ever actually find my blog. Whew. That's a lot of actuality. 

Anyway, in the second comment Taylor left (I call him Taylor now because, you know, I'm friends with all my commenters), he mentioned that he's testing a sale, aimed at teachers, (60% off!) on his Metaphor Dice, which I'll be nabbing for My Daughter the Teacher. 

You can find out more here. Just tell my buddy Taylor that Karen sent you. 

Last Minute Effort 

by Karen Edmisten 

Life is busy,
(as you know.)
So this week something
had to go.

Poetry Friday?
(Yikes! No post.)
I'll send you elsewhere,
to the host.

Simple solution.
(Brilliant, I know.)
Catherine's the best,
so go, now. Go!


jama said...

How did I miss your post last week, and the appearance of the one and only in the comments? Love your repost of the being busy poem -- you are too clever!

Denise Krebs said...

Karen, that poem is hilarious! Love your creativity and resourcefulness in getting this post done. And wow, looking forward to hearing about your book!

Linda Mitchell said...

Do you know what? I haven't bought metaphor dice yet...and a 60% off sale? That makes it too good not to purchase. I'm delighted to hear you are writing a book and teaching a writing class. I mean...what ELSE is a girl supposed to do to avoid butt-in-chair? LOL. Seriously, congrats and good luck. You know you have a willing audience in the PF crowd.

Mary Lee said...

Wow! TWO comments from THE Taylor Mali! I have the dice, and now I have the urge to get them out and use them. Maybe I'll make this The Week of the Poetry Tools (metaphor dice, paint chip poetry, haikubes...)

Susan T. said...

Karen, wow! A book in the works, Taylor Mali comments, and a fun offer of poetry tools. Poetry Friday is the best!

Bridget Magee said...

So cool on so many levels, Karen! :)

Ruth said...

I like your poem, and so very cool that Taylor Mali commented! I'm off to look!

Heidi Mordhorst said...

What fun--a new book, making new friends in high places, rolling those metaphor dice! I went back and read all the comments. It's nice when A CONVERSATION happens!

Michelle Kogan said...

Wonderful poem Karen—sounds like my life… and congrats on your surprise blog visitor last week, how exciting, I read through the post!

KatApel - said...

I think this poem ticks boxes for a #LaMiPoFri.😹 And I just read last week's post/comment stream (playing all kinds of catch-ups here) and I am all the smiles. How cool and fun!

Karen Edmisten said...

Totally qualifies for #LaMiPoFri, Kat! :D