Friday, July 09, 2021

Poetry Friday: My daughter got married!

The bride at age ten. 

This global pandemic brought lots of "firsts" into our lives. Anyone on board for planning a wedding?

From the masked gown-shopping last fall ... 

From the moment she put it on, she
knew this was the dress.

... to the wedding day, it's been another experience of being "a new mom."  No, no, it's not about me, of course, but a mother can't remove herself from these equations entirely, nor should she. I did not, as Janice Mirikitani's perfect poem mentions, weave my daughter's wedding slippers, but my girl is woven into my life and I into hers. 

My daughter's wedding slippers (along with her bridesmaids) were pink Converse: 

No weaving required. But I did pack an emergency sewing kit, just in case, and I helped with all those tiny, silky buttons: 

I was indebted to the seamstress for suggesting
I bring a tiny crochet hook with us. Also? I 
was really glad I didn't change into my heels 
until later. 

My sister-in-law caught this moment at the reception: 

I did a lot of gazing, marveling, enjoying, talking, and living the day,
but pictures? Not so much. I mostly forgot to take any, but I know
the photographer had it all in hand.  

The same sister-in-law caught this moment for me:

Atticus and our Betsy Ray (whose real
name is Lizzy) dancing to "My Girl." 

And here's the beaming couple later, watching a fireworks show (a fringe benefit of getting married over the 4th of July weekend): 

It's time for Atticus and me to let go of the little girl we raised, but we will never stop embracing the wonderful woman she's become. 

Zech, welcome to the family. You joined us too late for me to assign you a blog name. Can I just call you son? 

For a Daughter Who Leaves

"More than gems in my comb box shaped by the
God of the Sea, I prize you, my daughter. . ."
 ~ Lady Otomo, 8th century, Japan

A woman weaves 
her daughter's wedding 
slippers that will carry 
her steps into a new life. 

[I'm skipping to the end of the poem, but you absolutely must read it in its entirety, especially if you are a mother, a daughter, or just a human being with a heart and soul and tear ducts. The next line will wreck you, in a good way.]


Now she captures all eyes 
with her hair combed smooth 
and her hips gently 
swaying like bamboo. 
The woman
spins her thread 
from the spool of her heart, 
knotted to her daughter's 
wedding slippers.

(Read the whole poem here, at 


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Danae said...

Gah... you are killing me with that picture of her on the slide! Progress is beautiful but the passing of time can be gut wrenching! A beautiful life and still just the beginning.

Kathryn said...

Congratulations Lizzy! What lovely news.

Theresa Gonzalez said...

Oh, Karen, I know exactly how you feel. It takes your breath away, doesn’t it, the enormity of emotion when your child gets married? Congratulations, Lizzy and I wish you all love overflowing.

Karen Edmisten said...

Danae, the slide ... I know, I know. xo It's too much. But you are right. It's just beginning. :)

Kathryn, thank you! We've seen each others' girls grow up from across the pond. :) What a journey.

Karen Edmisten said...

Theresa, yes. No one really warns you. :) Congratulations to Sam and Lydia, too! I'm so happy for them. Overflowing love to all of you, too! xo

tanita✿davis said...

Oh, goodness, Karen. What a tender, beautiful, evocative poem - just dazzlingly lovely. And CONGRATULATIONS!!! (To you and to your Lizzy, too, of course.) How you managed all of this during a pandemic is even more staggering. And the pink Converse!! LOVE that!

Boy, Atticus really looks like... Atticus. You named him well. What a lovely, heart-filled picture of the two of you.

So much "Awww." And awe. Wow. A stage of teaching/mothering over - but a new one begun. Good job, Mom!

Tabatha said...

Congratulations!! So exciting! My tear ducts are nervous about reading that poem in its entirety! 🎉🎈🥂💕

Karen Edmisten said...

Tanita, isn't it an incredible poem? It couldn't be more perfect. And I just stumbled on it *this morning.*

My girls have grown up with you and your books and our long-distance friendship and how amazing is it to share this with you now, too? :) Thanks for being part of our lives all these years.

And I'm so happy that you think Atticus looks Atticus-y. :D

Karen Edmisten said...

Tabatha, I just went and reread it and cried again on your behalf. :)

penelope said...

Oh, Karen, what happy news. How lovely for you all. It is a tender season, the growing of a family with the adding of adults. Congratulations and good wishes for all xox

MrsF3 said...

Looks like we may be anniversary buddies. Prayers for a blessed marriage!

Karen Eastlund said...

Such happy new, such a mix of emotions! I wish everyone the best, and thanks for the wonderful poem...spooling out from the heart.

Jamie said...


Margaret Simon said...

Oh, my! I am loving this post. My youngest daughter got married in October on our back deck with only 14 people there. It was perfect. Just wait until she gives you grandchildren. Ah, me. The best thing ever!

Susan T. said...

Oh, how lovely! Much happiness to the bride & groom and all the family. I remember reading about your daughters when they were little!

Mary Lee said...

Oh my heart! First, congratulations to all! And what a poem, what love in your eyes...and in theirs, what joy in the pink Converses!

Linda Mitchell said...

Hooray! And, many, many congratulations! The photo of you gazing captured by your sister-in-law is my favorite. It's truly amazing how time changes for us as we age, become parents, and see the same in those we love. Enjoy every moment. And, thank GOD for photographers!

Denise Krebs said...

Karen, congratulations to you and your husband, and to the happy couple. I love the "Can I just call you son?" May they have a lifetime of happiness.

Carol Varsalona said...

Karen, congratulations on the wedding to you and your family. I can see you in one of the photos helping with the gown. That is a special moment but the best photo is the masked bride-to-be trying on a gown. This is a first for me. Thank you for the poem that I will read with a tissue by my side.

Sally Murphy said...

Oh my - what a beautiful post. thank you for sharing this momentous event in your life - and your daughter's of course. And that poem!

Michelle Kogan said...

Congratulations Karen to you, your daughter, new son and family! Love all those pics, capturing much emotion, and the poem, thanks for sharing your joy!

Karen Edmisten said...

Thank you all so much for sharing in all the joy and emotion!

Penelope, a tender season indeed.
Mrs. F3, happy anniversary!
Karen, so glad you enjoyed the poem, and Jamie, thank you!
Margaret, your daughter's wedding sounds lovely. And yes, we are SO looking forward to grandchildren. Can't wait!
Susan T., yes, I started blogging when the bride was 9, her older sister was 12, and my youngest was three years old. :)
Mary Lee and Linda, I love that picture, too. :) Thanks.
Denise, thank you so much!
Carol, gown shopping in masks was definitely a unique experience. :)
Sally and Michelle, thank you, too, for sharing in the love and joy!