Friday, March 19, 2021

Poetry Friday: The Daylight Savings Time Blues

If I weren't sleep-deprived (courtesy of everyone's favorite time of year) I would have composed an original poem and called it "The Daylight Savings Time Blues." Maybe I'll be capable of doing that next week. Maybe

In the meantime, someone else's ode to sleep will have to do. Thank you, Frank Mitalsky. 

by Frank Mitalsky 

The thing that I would keep and keep 
 The dearest thing to me, is sleep. 
 Sleep that comes like waving wheat, 
 And bounds away on rabbit-feet. 
 Sleep fragrant as an angel's breath, 
That swings so near, so far, from death.


Lovely Linda at TeacherDance has the Poetry Friday round up today. 

(Photo courtesy of Jay Mantri at Pixabay.) 


jama said...

I hear you. Sleep, lovely sleep seems to elude me enough without this crazy clock changing thing. Thanks for the smile today! :)

tanita✿davis said...

Ooof - same, same, same here. This week has just been ROUGH!!

Tabatha said...

Great rhythm in this poem, makes the last line work so well.

Ruth said...

I haven't had trouble sleeping - or, no more than usual - but getting up in the dark is the worst! And especially since we live in the tropics and our day length varies so little during the year. We have 11 hours of daylight in December and 13 in June. No need for DST, please!!

Karen Eastlund said...

Just brought in the first sheets dried in the sun for this year. They do smell sweet! Yes, sleep is SO important, and DST is SO unneeded. Let's chuck it! Love Frank's poem... thanks!

Linda B said...

I love the rhythm of the poem, Karen, lulling me in a nice kind of way - to sleep! I can sleep but keep waking up so, so early! I wish someone could put this to a vote! Thanks for the poem!

Mary Lee said...

Yup. Thursday was my hardest day. I hadn't slept through the night all week, but on Thursday I caught up. Took a nap after school, went to bed early, slept through the night. I think my inner clock is finally reset. Hate it. Great sleep poem, though! Thanks!

Bridget Magee said...

Ugh, DST is unnecessary and just plain hard. Who'd have thought 1 hour could affect us so much. We go through the 'change' here in Switzerland next weekend...not looking forward to my recovery. I love Mitalsky poem. :)

Kay said...

I hear you. I've been dragging more than usual this week. I hate that it is dark again when I leave for work, but I do love the extra daylight in the evening.