Friday, February 02, 2018

Poetry Friday, a Groundhog Day Shrinklit, and Other Bits and Pieces of Our Days

Since I barely blog anymore (or constantly ask myself, "Should this go on Facebook? Or Instagram? Is it a blog post? Do I remember how to blog, other than Poetry Friday?") I thought I'd cram several things into this so-called Poetry Friday post and then release it into the wild.


1. Atticus and I recently celebrated our 34th anniversary. And by "celebrated" I mean: We talked about how high school speech season dominates every weekend of January and February and part of March we will probably go out to dinner sometime in late March when speech season is over if we even remember at that point that we recently had an anniversary. 

2. Re. having to wait until March to celebrate our January anniversary:

Who cares? I'm merely ecstatic that my husband is alive and healthy and there's no more cancer. That's celebration enough. Pass the wine.

3. And here's a post from 2010 with a little tribute to Atticus. Everything in it is still true (plus an extra eight years).

4. I read five books in January while also teaching a Brave Writer class so I'm feeling like a champ of some sort. Time for a book post. Anyone read Castle of Water by Dane Huckelbridge?

5. It's Groundhog Day, so here's my annual Groundhog Day Shrinklit. It's time to watch the movie, methinks.

Karen's Groundhog Day Shrinklit

Phil: at first, a selfish jerk
Focused on his fun and work.
Women were a toy or game
Till every day became the same.

Quite suddenly, no rules apply
Steal some money, tell a lie.
Nihilism's worth a spin,
Then despair comes crashing in

Suicide just didn't take.
Surely something is at stake?
Could it be he'll find it's worth
Striving for a true rebirth?

Self-improvement: worth a try,
Though all past ways it does defy?
Selflessness for its own sake?
Turn away from all that's fake?

Helping, saving, giving, tears.
Authentic feelings, first in years.
Abandoning the ways of old
Lets in truth, releases cold.

Something genuine and kind
Allows this man his best to find.
Is this conversion? God at work?
Or one colossal cosmic quirk?


The Poetry Friday round up is at Mainely Write


tanita✿davis said...

Hahaha, your anniversary sounds like ours - we put off going out for Valentine's every year ("Oh, it's just SO many people... let's skip it!") and our anniversary is right near Halloween... again, too many people! So, we do it on a random day in February.

But, since you love each other ALL THE TIME, who cares!
Pass the wine (well, I'll take a Martinelli's sparkling grape), indeed! ♥

tanita✿davis said...

OH!!! P.S. - I still adore that poem. Forgot to mention that. Only YOU could find a place for God in Groundhog Day, my friend.

jama said...

Happy Anniversary!! We're also famous for juggling dates around,and there are definitely other ways to celebrate -- gratitude every day. :)

Donna Smith said...

Really, what is a date anyway? Celebrate ALL the time! Love your poem!

Jane @ said...

Congratulations, and I'm so, so glad to hear that he is cancer free, what a wonderful thing to celebrate!!

Kay said...

Congratulations on so much to celebrate! Your anniversary celebrations sound like ours--we'll celebrate with all the craziness going on and get to dinner sometime!

Joseph said...

Thank you for releasing it to the wild. I can't do face or insta, love Poetry Friday.

Karen Edmisten said...

Thanks, Joseph -- I'm so glad to hear that!
Tanita, thanks for all the kind (and kindred spirit) words. I wish we four could celebrate together! :)
Jama, Donna, Jane, and Kay -- kindred spirits all. Let's all get together and have a random celebration!