Friday, September 11, 2015

First Week of School

Photo thanks to FreeImages

Yes, we're back at it.

Many moons ago, we decided that the two non-negotiables of the first day of school were Mass and breakfast out. (To my daughters' chagrin, I've always added the somewhat negotiable, "And a little bit of math.")

It used to be so easy to schedule these things. The day after Labor Day = First Day of School. But schedules are more complicated these days. Anne and Betsy wanted to join us for our first day ritual, but their morning schedules made it trickier. Anyway, for a variety of reasons involving Mass schedules, college schedules, yada, yada, we went to Mass on Tuesday evening. Not perfect scheduling, because Anne couldn't join us, but on the plus side, the new priest at our parish made a point of stopping to ask what he can do to support the miscarriage ministry I help with, so that was lovely. On Wednesday morning, all four of us went out to breakfast. Pancakes, eggs, and loads of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, depending on which Edmisten you are.

On the way home, we cranked up the volume in the car and belted out "Let It Go." Then I had to let go of my college girls so they could go have their lives. Ramona and I dove into some math, read some books, and talked about plans and ideas for the school year.


In other news, I am on the final Harry Potter book with Ramona!

from Facebook:

Sept. 6th: The down side of being the youngest in this family/late to the Harry Potter party: Ramona didn't get the fun of midnight movies, book release parties, winning costume contests, and staying up till the wee hours to rip into the latest release. The upside? One book and movie after another. We finished Half-Blood Prince last night, watched the movie today, and then started reading Deathly Hallows. Anne, Betsy, and I are already talking about creating a final feast for Ramona that will include chocolate frogs, pumpkin pasties, chicken wings or legs (for Ron-style/two-fisted eating), butter beer, and Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans.

Sept. 7th: Reading HP & the Deathly Hallows to Ramona today ... my throat hurts from my Mad-Eye Moody voice.

And from Instagram ... Ramona made Luna Lovegood's Spectre Specs.

I will be extremely sad when we finish Deathly Hallows (and not just because of all the deaths I'm going to have to read about aloud...wish me luck.) It will be the end of an era at our house. However, the great relief for all of us will be no longer having to say, "Don't talk about that in front of Ramona! Spoilers!"* 

*Last night, Atticus took Ramona along with him when he had to help run a concession stand at his school. When he introduced her to the students they would be working with, he said, "This is my daughter. She's currently reading the last Harry Potter book, so if anyone talks about Harry Potter, NO SPOILERS."
I love that man. 


ellie said...

I'm sure I've mentioned this before but my now adult son was just the right age when the books were being published, and it was lovely to share that whole world with him ... My cuurent teens have fond memories of being tiny and going to the midnight book release parties .... My 16yo has read the whole series. My 13yo read book5 this past spring and will have book6 next spring. Probably 7 as well, but we'll see .... We work hard at being a spoiler free zone for him! The ReallyBigThings to come he knows nothing about it ....

Laurie said...

I hope everyone has a successful school year and I love your first day of school ritual! I chuckle at the Harry Potter mention because we have the same situation in our house. My youngest was also left behind during all of the Potter frenzies - and is just now getting into Book One. I just thought I'd share this link to a blog that has a lot of Harry Potter ideas - maybe there will be something there that can add to your celebration when the time comes.
Have a great week!

Karen Edmisten said...

Ellie, yes, it's fun at all and sundry ages! We (my older girls and I) were not reading the books at the *very* beginning, but by the time we did get in on the fun, there were still book releases and movie premieres to anticipate.

Laurie, thanks for the link! Looks so fun!