Sunday, April 19, 2015

I Love Frank Fraser's Art!

So, awhile back I heard from Frank Fraser, a writer and artist and all-around creative dynamo with an impressive list of credits who has now gotten into the business of writing and illustrating children's books -- books that are all about God (because we know that books about God are much more lucrative than working for Disney, as Frank used to.) So, call me a sucker and a cheerleader for the underdog who has left the corporate world behind, or just call me a good judge of art for children. Whatever you call me, I can tell you this: when I first looked took a peek at The Bible Amigos: Five Loaves, Two Fish, and One Big Hat and The Bible Amigos: Jonah and the Bear on Amazon, I emailed Frank and said:

I have just been looking at your Amazon page, and I'm kind of in love with those illustrations!

and I added that only concern is that you will add to my daughter's desire to acquire a pet hedgehog. 

I mean, look at these:

Look at how cute these guys are! They make me so happy! 

Frank sent a couple of books for us to look at and, yes, the three Bible amigos have indeed ramped up Ramona's desire to campaign for a pet hedgehog. (It's not going to happen, Ramona, unless someone else starts getting up with the dog when she wants to go out at 4 a.m. Until then, no further pet negotiations. And, there's the little problem that Frank pointed out in his response, that there are pesky postal regulations about hedgehogs....) 

These books are sweet and adorable, the stories are based on Scripture and virtues, and I am sold. I love them. 

(Frank and his wife, Terri, also have an Etsy page full of stuff, including more of Frank's art for children. My girls and I are fighting over who gets to keep the print above.) 


Ann-Marie Ulczynski said...

I know Frank and Terri through their daughter! They are the nicest people. His artwork is amazing. I have some of it I. My kitchen and it never ceases to make me smile.

Karen Edmisten said...

Ann-Marie, how fun! Yes, I smile every time I look at that print. :)