Friday, February 13, 2015

Poetry Friday: A Gift

Just when I think that spring can't come soon enough for me, I think of my friends in Boston, and realize I've got it easy this year. 

This one's for you, Melanie

A Gift
Leonora Speyer

I Woke: —
Night, lingering, poured upon the world
Of drowsy hill and wood and lake
Her moon-song,
And the breeze accompanied with hushed fingers
On the birches.

Gently the dawn held out to me
A golden handful of bird’s-notes.


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Tabatha said...

Beautiful, Karen!!

Cathy said...

Hopefully soon spring will arrive!


jama said...

So lovely and evocative!

Melanie Bettinelli said...

Beautiful. Spring can't come soon enough, some days.

We do have the birdsong, actually. We have a feeder attached to our glass slider with suction cups and we've been getting cardinals and titmice, wrens, and chickadees, as well as the usual sparrows. All day long I find myself singing "chick-a-dee-dee-dee" back to my little friends when I hear them twittering as they dart among the icicles. So the snow has made for some spectacular bird watching.

Mary Lee said...

Our dawn was not gentle today -- in spite of the bright sun and clear blue skies, we have double digit below zero windchills. But even that bitter cold cannot deter our wrens, chickadees and cardinals from singing!

Karen Edmisten said...

Oooh, such lovely stories of the birds, keeping hope alive. :)