Friday, February 06, 2015

Poetry Friday: Beverly Rollwagen (for the times you want a stunt double)

Ever have one of those days? Of course you have. Every wife, mother, daughter, neighbor, friend has had one of those days.

I have only one complaint about Beverly Rollwagen: I can't find about more about her! Ms. Rollwagen, have you replaced yourself with an understudy who travels incognito? Inquiring understudies want to know.

by Beverly Rollwagen

She just wants an understudy, a body
double for the days when she does
not feel like appearing in any of the roles
she has assumed and/or been assigned.

(Read the rest of this very short poem here, at The Writer's Almanac.)


Elizabeth Steinglass has the round up.


Ruth said...

Great! I really like the other one there, too, about secrets.

Andromeda Jazmon Sibley said...


Karen Edmisten said...

Yes, I liked "secrets" too, Ruth.
Glad you can identify, Andromeda! :)

Liz Steinglass said...

Oh yes. No days off, of course.

Sara said...

It IS mysterious that she cannot be found! I must say: I had a rough time with the "no days off" when I was the mom of young ones, but the ad-libbing part? Bring that on! I loved being able to create a life with them. I know you do, too. :)

jama said...

Love the poem and like you, want to know more about Ms. Rollwagen (if that's her real name). I'm thinking people with understudies probably use aliases and/or pen names frequently. :)

Anonymous said...

Every mom needs an understudy. Great poem. :-) I think this is what older kids can do.

Mary Lee said...

Add "teacher" to your list of those who sometimes need a stunt double. (That's actually what I call my subs!!)

Tabatha said...

I liked Mary Lee's comment about subs being "stunt doubles."
I see that Ms. Rollwagen wrote a whole book called "She Just Wants." I wonder what all the other things she wants are?

Karen Edmisten said...

Tabatha, on this Writer's Almanac page, she also wants to be Employed and Essential. I love both of those wants/poems, too.

Mary Lee, yes to subs as stunt doubles!

fft: Older kids as understudies, yes!

Jama, I like your take on her mystery.

Sara, another big yes to creating a life with our kids. :)

Liz, yes, alas. Days off are on a wish list. :)