Wednesday, August 13, 2014

In Which I Am Once Again the Cook

photo thanks to freeimages

Atticus has gone back to school which means I am forced to head back to the kitchen.

Can you say, "Sad Woman"?*

Atticus is more the Chef variety of cook than I am. I am quite often the Get something on the table at the end of the day -- something which I hope approximates a meal variety of cook. And the dirty as few dishes as possible kind of cook. I do like to bake, but you can't have cookies or Lucia bread every night.

My first day back in the kitchen looked something like this:

"What can I make for dinner tonight?
Hmmm, lemme look in the freezer.
Oh! Atticus's leftover grilled chicken.
And, oooh! A couple pieces of his fried chicken.
Chicken salad, here we come.
Ah, look! His red sauce. I can make pasta soon!"

Yeah, we are living off his spoils this week, but soon I'll have to get serious and pull out some pots and pans.


*Of course I'm sad for other reasons, too, like missing my husband. It's not just the cooking and the never-having-to-think-about-what's-for-dinner. But today, I have chosen to kvetch about cooking, okay? So we'll leave the mushy part of missing-him out of it.


Betsy said...

Ooh! Lucia bread for dinner? Sign me up!

Janie said...

I have to agree, Betsy. Lucia bread and cookies for dinner sounds good to me! And cookies are pretty much the extent of my food-making knowledge. and pancakes. I could probably make pancakes if I tried. Which I haven't. :)