Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Home from Austin!
Sorry I've been so quiet!
Apologies to my neglected blog! And my neglected readers! I've missed you.

Have three other things to say:

1.  Maxi skirts! I love them. They are my new uniform.
2. on the plane! Reading without reading. No air sickness. Very good.
3.  Landline by Rainbow Rowell! Read (listened) on the plane. Not done yet. Review to come.

Also? (I guess I had four other things to say.) I loved presenting the writing workshop at the conference in Austin. Homeschooling and writing are two of my favorite things to talk about, and the wonderful moms and dads at the writing session had great questions, we had great discussions, and I'd love to do it again and again and again. So much fun.


ellie said...

Ooo! Landline! I am on hold for it at the library. Have loved her other books, so am looking forward to this one -- tho' I may have to skip your review til after I've read it! :-)

Karen Edmisten said...

Ellie, I'll try to do it spoiler-free. Or give you plenty of scrolling space. :)