Friday, May 30, 2014

Poetry Friday: In a Mood About Emily Dickinson

Photo credit: Garrett Ziegler, via Flickr's Creative Commons.

I'm in a mood, not for Emily Dickinson, but about her.

Linda Pastan is precise and perfect for such a mood.

"Emily Dickinson" is so brief that I don't want to post a block of it, for fear of overstepping copyright bounds. So I'll just entice you with this one line:

Yet legend won't explain the sheer sanity
of vision,

Read the whole thing here, at The Writer's Almanac.

For other delightful things about Emily Dickinson but not by her, don't miss "Emily Dickinson Attends a Writing Workshop" as well as this delightful piece, A Pencil for Emily Dickinson, at tweetspeak.


The Poetry Friday round up is at Random Noodling


Diane Mayr said...

Emily is an incredibly interesting person. I love looking through her Herbarium, which can be found on this site.

jama said...

Wonderful poem. Emily continues to fascinate me. Have you read Burleigh Muten's new book about her yet?

Karen Edmisten said...

Ooh, Diane, thanks for that link! And Jama, no, I haven't but thanks to you, too! Have you read it?

sarah said...

I have my theories about Emily. But whether I am right or not, I love her poetry.

Tricia said...

Thank you for sharing this poem. I just love Emily. While I return to Frost every fall, it is Dickinson that sees me through every spring.

Mary Lee said...

I haven't caught the Emily Dickinson bug...yet...but I do thank you for the link to tweetspeak. It's not like I NEED another site in my Feedly, but this one looks like a fun one to meander.

Karen Edmisten said...

Sarah, I'm interested in your theories.
Tricia, yes! Frost in the fall is perfect.
Mary Lee, I don't need another one, either, but that never stops me. :)

Tara said...

the serious mischief
of language

That is just so Emily!

Karen Edmisten said...

I know! I love that line!

Unknown said...

Great write-up! Writing is a talent, and it must not be wasted. As with everything that we had been entrusted, we should let it grow and share it with the world.> life long learner