Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bits and Pieces of Our Days

Has it really been four days since I blogged?

Friday was a lovely day, a lovely birthday. Anne-with-an-e bought me beautiful flowers, Betsy gave me delicious chocolate, and Ramona made a great little pair of earrings for me. The kids had friends over all day and a dear friend of mine spent the afternoon here, too. I had told Atticus not to make me one of his famous chocolate cakes because we still had too much chocolate cake from Easter in the house, not to mention other kinds of Easter chocolate (everywhere I look.) Atticus and I went out for Chinese food for dinner, settled in for a date-night movie, and that was that. Perfect day.


On Saturday, dear old pal Jack came to town for a visit, and we caught up on all things family, work, faith, and books. He always manages to say at least one thing that thoroughly annoys me, and I do the same to him, and then we move on, because none of that really matters when you've been friends since high school and will be friends until you die.


On Saturday morning, we also set the wheels in motion (so to speak) to replace our nine-year-old van. We'd been talking about van shopping this summer when we'd really have time to focus on it, but on Saturday morning, the seemingly perfect-for-us vehicle popped up on a website I occasionally check. To make a boring story short and less boring, after having our mechanic check it out, blah, blah, blah, we ended up with a new (new to us -- it's used, of course) van.

We always name our vehicles (remember our beloved Putty? I wrote an ode to that guy.) Somewhere along the way, the kids dubbed our blue van The Knight Bus.

Ramona went with Atticus and me last night when we dropped The Knight Bus off at the dealer and picked up our new-to-us van. She said good-bye to every inch of it, and looked a bit droopy when she shut its door for the last time. Then we hopped in the new van and she started counting cup holders. She said we'd break this new guy in in no time, with plenty of his own crumbs on the floor.

She's over The Knight Bus.

Sorry, Knight Bus -- we loved you (maybe never quite as much as we loved takes a lot for me to write a poem to a car) and you served us well. But (although I'll never have a favorite child) I do have favorite vehicles, and this new set of cupholders is in the running already. Now we just have to name it.

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