Saturday, April 19, 2014

Benedict Caterpillar-batch and Other Things on Holy Saturday

We've been making Lenten caterpillars for a long time, and this year was no exception. What was a little different this year was that when Anne-with-an-e joined us for a bit of family craftiness, she decided to change things up a Cumber-bit.

Her caterpillar -- second from left, above -- has a rather Sherlockian face, no? Betsy and Ramona thought she stepped outside the bounds of caterpillar rubrics, but I thought a caterpillar with the face of a high-functioning sociopath (do your research!) was inspired.


Holy Thursday was beautiful, tear-inducing. Good Friday, too. I watched The Passion of the Christ last night, for the first time in years. Especially moving to me are the interactions between Mary and Jesus. Sobbing through some of those scenes. Disturbing, beautiful, terrible, wonderful movie.


It's been such a good, spiritually fruitful Lent. I'm grateful for so many graces. I am ready, however, to celebrate the Resurrection. Bring on the Fifty Days, please. 


Coloring eggs today! 

Photo credit: Free Images