Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ramona Does Crafts! (So I Don't Have To!)

Ramona is hooked on the tutorials at My Froggy Stuff. Their ideas are all for homemade doll furniture and accessories and the My Froggy Stuff YouTube channel has tons of videos about how to make everything from gumball machines to bathtubs to sugar cookies. 

Here's some tiny doll food: 

Ramona used printables from their blog for these, and filled the takeout boxes with thread, string, and beads.

I took this picture of the tiny chocolate chip cookies (made from toilet paper dough -- I'm not kidding) and then I realized that these photos cried out for a little perspective. 

The chocolate chips are craft foam. 

So we called a chocolate-chip-cookie-loving doll in to provide the perspective: 

Here's her sushi, too: 

Pony beads! Craft foam stuffed inside! Remember when I didn't know what pony beads were?! 

Her assorted perfume and lotion bottles: 

Beads and hot glue. There was also a time I did not own a glue gun, nor could I even have conceived of such a thing. 

A cake: 

Styrofoam, I think 

Rock candy: 

Beads again. And toothpicks. 

A cd player, cds, a clipboard and colored pencils: 

CD player is a  shampoo bottle lid. Pencils made from toothpicks. 

Cotton Candy: 

And, because Ramona doesn't want to leave Rebecca out of the fun, here are some accessories (and munchies) for an 18-inch doll. 

A brownie made from a painted sponge: 

A flashlight (made from the inside of an old glue stick), some milk and a cupcake: 

Cupcake is a bottle lid, string, a bead. The milk is lactose free. 

A camera (made from stacked cardboard with a picture of a camera glued on top) and a camera case made out of a dental floss container: 

This is probably my favorite because Ramona made this one up herself.

No catalog, no exorbitant prices, just creativity and fun. 

Oh, there is one drawback -- just when I am in full declutter mode around here, I find myself calling out frightening things to Ramona like, "Do you want me to save the lid from this juice bottle?" or, "Should we keep this plastic packaging?" 

Scary, but it makes my daughter ridiculously happy. 


Danae said...

Those chocolate chip cookies are kind of incredible. Go, Ramona!!

Amy said...

Those are all great! So creative!

Karen Edmisten said...

Thanks, Danae and Amy!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!! She's so creative! A girl after my own heart! Romana would love a day at my house for sure!! The sheer amount of "stuff" to create with is CRAZY!! I think we own 3-4 glue guns (mostly due to poor functioning and old school issues). I did notice that in one picture, she has her dolls wrist wrapped. Imitation of mommy? Future carpal tunnel? Writers syndrome? Tell her I am very impressed especially since I know her mommy so well!! :-)

Karen Edmisten said...

Andrea, she would ADORE a day at your house. :)
And, so funny that you noticed the wrapped wrist. I had to ask about it, too. She said the doll (which has moveable joints) had an injured wrist. It's probably Crafter's Carpal Tunnel. :)

Ramona (the one who does crafts so her mom doesn't have to) said...

The take-out boxes in the first picture are actually a printable from printmini.com...Pretty awesome website with tons of fun printables! :)))

Karen Edmisten said...

Thank you, Ramona Who Does Crafts! :)