Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bits and Pieces of Our Days

* We haven't done another  poetry scavenger hunt because this week it's my turn to be down for the count. (Cold? Flu? I don't know. I'm just calling it Blech.) Ramona is feeling good again, though, and that's grand because one of her best friends is in town, and the girls are inseparable when these visits happen. (Fun fact: I just plugged in "Chicago" to search my blog, and came up with a number of posts in which I mention my friend, Paula visiting. I'm so lucky that even though Paula, her husband, and their 11-year-old daughter moved away, they still have a grown daughter and some grandsons here in our town, so they come back regularly. Always a treat.)

* Downton Abbey. I watched. Did you watch? I'm so upset with them. Pal Lissa did a post that captures just about everything I wanted to say about it, and I commented over on her post, too. Feel free to chime in here or there if you want to share your reactions, too.

* Spent two hours (and my voice held up! Yay!) talking with the kind and lovely Barbara McGuigan on EWTN's The Good Fight on Saturday. We talked about Deathbed Conversions and Barbara shared an amazing story about the deathbed conversion of her own mother-in-law. You can find the audio of the program here.

* On Sunday, Betsy and Ramona wrapped up another youth choir musical. (I have blogged a lot about this annual musical over the years.) The choir put on What's Up, Zak? which was so cute, but touching, too. Really a sweet play. Betsy, for the third year in a row (and I guess ... her final year? She's a senior! Wah!) was once again on a team of directors who worked extremely hard with a group of about thirty kids ranging in age from 8-13. The teen directors handle everything: they cast the show, teach the kids the songs, create blocking and choreography, work with the kids on acting skills, create the sets, costumes, etc. They amaze me every year. Ramona had a speaking part as one of a duo of "Party Planners." She and her friend, Mary Clare, were properly sparkly and snooty. A delightful show all around.

Now you'll have to excuse me while I go hunt down another box of Kleenex.


sarah said...

I'm sorry you're unwell, I hope you feel better soon. How lucky Betsy is to have such a great drama experience. Homeschooling in America is such a rich experience.

Karen Edmisten said...

Thank you, Sarah! I really have to credit our parish's choir/liturgy director. What started as a little play that he roped me into directing has turned into a great theater experience for my kids. So grateful to him!