Thursday, December 19, 2013

More Book Joy (and More Gift Ideas)

An eclectic mix today:

  • If you and a child you love never read Melissa Wiley's The Prairie Thief  together, you should remedy that right away. My review of the book is here (and don't forget to throw that Prairie Thief luncheon, complete with bucket of hazelnuts.) 
  • Lissa's husband, Scott Peterson, hooked me immediately with his Uncivil War series. I am eagerly awaiting more installments, and can't wait to find out where this story is going. Uncivil War: The Island and Uncivil War: After the Fall are both compelling page-turners that plunge us into a world in collapse. Scary but oh-so-good. (These ones are for adults - language and violence.)
  • Quinn Cummings' Pet Sounds is on sale (on Kindle) for $2.99! Quinn has been making me laugh for some time now, and Pet Sounds did not disappoint.

And regarding gift ideas, I've heard there's a book about Deathbed Conversions that might be worth a look....