Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Heavenly Book Sales

Some friends and I recently hit a used book sale. (Those are three of my favorite words in the English language when they are arranged in exactly that order.)

The Prince and the Pauper, The Twenty-One Balloons, Allen Say, poetry, P.G. Wodehouse, Scott O'Dell, Natalie Babbitt ... okay, clearly I've fallen off the Detachment-From-Books Wagon.

Here's the one that really got me:

I love Oscar Wilde's fairy tales. And the illustrations in this edition are gorgeous:


Attached but happy.


tanita♥davis said...

*sin of envy comes in waves*

Karen Edmisten said...

Tanita, look at this! You can see it all here, at Open Library.

Melanie Bettinelli said...

Oh yeah. I'm loving that Oscar Wilde. Gorgeous. Our library had the used book sale today. My wallet was saved by a sick baby. :( I'm thinking of all the treasures I know I missed, but I guess I'll keep working on that detachment.

Karen Edmisten said...

Yeah, there's always a plus side to missing a book sale, Melanie!