Friday, July 26, 2013

Poetry Friday: Midsummer, by Robert Fitzgerald

by Robert Fitzgerald

The adolescent night, breath of the town,
Porchswings and whispers, maple leaves unseen
Deploying moonlight quieter than a man dead
After the locust’s song. These homes were mine
And are not now forever, these on the steps
Children I think removed to many places,
Lost among hushed years, and so strangely known.

This business is well ended. If in the dark
The firefly made his gleam and sank therefrom,

(Read the whole poem here, at The Poetry Foundation.)

The round up is at Semicolon today.


Melissa aka Equidae said...

Can you recommend me some good poetry books for me pls and maybe for kids aged 2 and 4?

Karen Edmisten said...

Years ago, Melissa Wiley recommended a great book to me, and I still love it -- Favorite Poems, Old and New, by Helen Ferris. Has poems for all ages, occasions, seasons, etc. Great book!

Mary Lee said...

"the sullenness of time"

What an interesting personification of time. Not all cheery and hopeful. Not at all...

Karen Edmisten said...

No, not cheery, but I love his evocative language.