Wednesday, July 17, 2013

(Part of) The Denver Trip in Pictures

I didn't take nearly enough pictures.

I snapped not a single picture of the lovely and gracious Mary Machado, who runs the Rocky Mountain Catholic Home Educators Conference. I didn't get pictures of the other charming women I met, including Gwen, Carmen, Stacie, Sarah, and numerous other welcoming, encouraging, supportive moms. 

I didn't think to snap a photo of Lissa and Scott, or of my sweet godson, Huck. (Yeah, he is totally that adorable in person.

I am so often busy living my life that I forget to record it. 

I am a failure at 21st century living. 

What did I take pictures of? Potato chips and rocks. And I took my daughter to the vet.*

We are truly exciting people.
We took a picture of the chips we brought from home:
the bag puffed up, thanks to the change in altitude. It would
not be a homeschooler's trip if we couldn't include a science experiment. 

At Garden of the Gods.

Still at Garden of the Gods. Still beauteous. 

About to leave Garden of the Gods.
Beauteous'ed out.
Worried we'd be washed away in a blinding rain
on the way back to the hotel. Endlessly thankful we dodged the mudslides
that accompanied the rain in some areas. 

Alameda East Veterinary Hospital.
This one deserves its own blog post, which I'll get to soon. *

*More on the Alameda East visit soon. 


Sarah Hahn said...

So wonderful meeting you as well! I tend to forget about pictures as well! I am eager to hear what happened with the vet!?!

Karen Edmisten said...

Sarah, the post about the vet is now up. :)
Glad to hear I'm not the only one who forgets to take pictures. :)