Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Melissa Wiley and Quinn Cummings Talking About Me Behind My Back

What's that you say? The internet is not exactly behind anyone's back?

So, long story short: thanks to the internet, I am friends with Quinn Cummings, Writer Extraordinaire, homeschooling mother, animal lover, and one of the funniest people on the planet.

What? No, don't be silly -- we haven't actually met. We're the kind of friends who say things like, "So, one day I was reading Quinn Cummings' blog, because I love her blog and she always reduces me to helpless laughter, as she did when I read her first book, Notes From the Underwire, and so I saw that she was writing a book about homeschooling! So I left a comment on her blog! So."

And Quinn has (I'm guessing) said things like, "One day this weird woman in Nebraska who overuses italics and can't stop saying 'so' left a comment on my blog. I sent her my homeschooling survey just to get her off my back."

And, voila! A beautiful friendship was born.

So, then I told Quinn "My homeschooling style and history are not even one-tenth as interesting as the delightful Melissa Wiley's, so you should definitely look her up and talk to her about homeschooling, too," and Quinn did, and she and Melissa got together at Lissa's Shakespeare club performance, and another modern, internet-based friendship was born. And now GeekMom (that's an official title, not a judgment) Melissa Wiley has just interviewed Quinn Cummings about Quinn's new book, Pet Sounds,* which is not at all about homeschooling, or italics, or the word "so," but is all about the unique and wonderful things we call our pets.


Go watch Melissa Wiley's first-ever GeekMom Book Dish interview with Quinn Cummings.**


*A dollar from every sale of Pet Sounds will be donated to Sante D'Or Adoption Center.

** They aren't really talking about me behind my back, but you knew that. They do, however, tell the story of how they met and Quinn graciously makes me sound much funnier than I am.


Liz said...

The internet is such an amazing thing. I become internet friends with this Catholic convert in Nebraska and eventually find again an old friend from Vermont, who now lives in Kansas, but is friends (probably only internet friends) with that convert in Nebraska. I also end up getting quoted (albeit anonymously) in one of that convert's other friends (a friend in real life this time) books. Maybe that convert friend in Nebraska is the nexus of the universe or something...

Karen Edmisten said...

Wow, your Catholic convert friend sounds amazing! Introduce me!

What's the quote, Liz?

Liz said...

Actually, Steve quoted me several times (in his book on Catholic education). The funny thing is he reported me as from the midwest (he didn't actually know where I was from, but knew I was your friend). Since a couple of the quotes (this was from an email or a comment in a com box to him, I think) were perhaps a little too identifiable by some people if they knew where I was from, I was just as glad that he misreported my location.

It was just a hoot to get quoted, even if it was anonymously. I'd have to go find the book in order to give you the actual quotations. One of these days I'll try to locate which on the various bookshelves or piles that book is currently in...