Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What We Don't See

Shared by my beautiful friend, Lissa:
(Made me cry, too, Lissa.)


Karen Edmisten said...

p.s. Head over to Lissa's for interesting discussion -- pro and con -- about this ad.

Here was my contribution to that discussion:

I agree with all the thoughts about manipulation and the lack of diversity in the women in the ad, etc. — clearly, it’s a soap company out to sell soap and try to make us love them in the process.
But, here’s why it made me cry — one of the women said, “My mother always told me I have a big chin.” The way we *internalize things from our childhoods* and allow those things to define us can be so sad and limiting. It’s not so much about the outer beauty, but about the ways in which we criticize ourselves for things that *other people don’t even see.* We carry damaging images in our heads that are invisible to others. Others see things like a face that lights up with a smile — they don’t single out a big chin, or a big nose, or extra weight, or any of that stuff. (And as someone with a big chin, a big nose and extra weight, I am supremely qualified to make pronouncements.)

Karen Edmisten said...

p.s. That is in no way a reference to *my* mom, who has never said anything about my nose, my chin, or my weight. Love you, Mom! :)

p.p.s. .... I'm talking to myself. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?