Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Reason #IStoppedCounting That I Love Atticus (Or, "Why Is There a Face On My Fruit?")

Yesterday, Atticus told me that he had not eaten his entire lunch at work. He'd taken a sandwich, a banana, and a clementine. But when he picked up the clementine, he couldn't bring himself to peel it.

"It had a face," he told me. "I couldn't eat it. I kept picturing Ramona cutting those little pieces out and taping them on, and I just couldn't do it."

So he brought it back home.

And now the happy clementine has resumed its rightful place, smiling at us from the kitchen counter.


Lissa said...

It's just silly how often I read your posts and sit here mousing around for a like button. :)

Love love love this story.

Karen Edmisten said...


I should add some kind of Like button, but then I wouldn't get to hear your comments. :)

Also? Why do I think your house is also a home for fruit with a face?

Danae said...

Best dad story! Love it. :)

tanita davis said...

I have to say I would have placed those taped bits on something else to be discovered...

Although, who's to say that there aren't MORE faces lurking??

What a fun household.

Karen Edmisten said...

Danae, I knew you'd like that one. :) Tanita, I love your idea. Thanks -- when that orange is too mushy to hold on to the face, I'll steal your idea .... :)