Tuesday, October 02, 2012


~ A picture book about Julia Child.

~ This chocolate syrup recipe from Alton Brown

~ Finishing The Prairie Thief with Ramona (review to come soon.) Looking forward to the book club meeting and the prairie-themed, thief-themed, brownie-themed, horseradish tea-themed luncheon that will accompany the discussion. Loving the way Melissa Wiley's writing inspires Ramona's creative writing.

~ Tumblr page sent to me by a friend: Murmuring Cottage. (I hide in the cottage whenever I need a respite in my day.)

~ And this one, found through Murmuring Cottage: Caught In Another World.

~ Reading Little Women to Ramona. Receiving a note from her that says:

Dear Mrs. March, 
You have been randomly selected out of 10 to write an article for The Gazette. 
Sincerely, Beth March

~ Hearing the tapping and whirring of our old electric typewriter as my Beth March pounds out edition after edition of her Gazette.

~ Autumn brilliance.

~ Reading Quinn Cummings' book, The Year of Learning Dangerously. (Amazon review here.)

~ Art class this month. The sweet and wonderful Magical Mrs. M. made Ramona our artist of the month, displaying her artwork and sharing one of Ramona's ideas with the group.

~ Showing this to my daughters today (because their Aunt Kathy and I played Mystery Date....):


Lissa said...

I can't wait to hear how you're pulling off the horseradish tea! LOL. ;)

I love love love Beth March's note. Does she offer subscriptions to the Gazette?

jama said...

I love that Beth March too! tap tap

The chocolate syrup recipe is also speaking to me.

Love that JC picture book. Did you see my interview with Jessie Hartland back in August? :)

Oh, Autumn Brilliance!

Karen Edmisten said...

Lissa and Jama, I shall inquire about subscriptions for you. :) The last issue included an insert entitled, "Beth March's Tell All" and had a particularly juicy story about Meg having "nonsense in her head" after an outing with Sallie Moffat.

Jama, the syrup is delicious. I don't think my daughters will allow me to buy a plastic bottle of syrup ever again.

And Jama, ack! I think I missed the interview. Off to find it and thanks for the heads up.

Margaret Mary Myers said...

You have an electric typewriter? And it gets used? I'm impressed. Oh, and I also wanted to let you know that I ordered your book, The Rosary, Keeping Company with Jesus and Mary.

Karen Edmisten said...

Margaret Mary,
I gave the electric typewriter to Atticus when he was in grad school. And yes, it still works! And gets used by a child who finds this little antique to be fascinating.

I also have an old manual typewriter but I need to go on a hunt for ribbons. :)

nancyo said...

I love all the links and short bits. The chocolate syrup will be made sooner rather than later for a cheesecake recipe I pinned that uses 3 ingredients, including chocolate syrup.

My now-26 year old daughter found my husband's old Olivetti manual typewriter when she was in high school and was positively entranced. She bought new ribbons for and has taken permanent custody.

Karen Edmisten said...

Well, I'm now going to be on a mission to find the ribbon for the old one. You've encouraged me, Nancy! And you are going to love that chocolate syrup.