Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ramona On History (Sort Of)

Ramona had her stuffed Piglet climb the bunk bed frame last night.

"I'm going to be," huffed Piglet as he climbed, "in the history books with Hercules, Socrates, and Plato!"

"Well, of course, Hercules wasn't actually a real person," I said. The muscle behind Piglet's daring feat suppressed a laugh.

"Well, then," puffed Piglet in reply, as he stretched his tiny stuffed limb out to grasp the next rail, "I'm going into the history books with Socrates and Plato!"

"Who aren't actually remembered for their athletic abilities," I inserted. "Known a little more for the mental processes, Piglet."

"Okay!" said Piglet, "I know! Whatever! I'm going in the history books!"

Go for it, Piglet.

(Photo courtesy of Stock.xchng.) 


Emily said...

This is precious! I love Piglet anyway, but this is just adorable.
My grandparents had eight kids, so bunk beds were necessities. When we were little we used to dread having to climb into them. So I can relate to Piglet.

Red Cardigan said...

Oh, how cute! Does Ramona like stuffed pigs in general, or just Piglet? I ask because our youngest-of-three-girls has been collecting stuffed pigs for all of her 14 years! :)

tanita davis said...

Piglet has what it takes!

Anonymous said...


The Bookworm said...

If Piglet can match Hercules for physical prowess, then Owl is up there with Socrates and Pooh with Plato. After all, Owl thought he was wise and Pooh pondered a lot (though we may need to overlook the fact that he was a bear of little brain).