Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Everything I Love About Jama

... is in this post.

Jama Rattigan is celebrating her blog's 5th birthday with a great post, some great lists* (oh, how I love lists!), some great giveaways that are all about Julia Child (whose 100th birthday is being celebrated all over the place), and some adorably amazing handmade jewelry.

Also? Jama actually includes me in her Author/illustrator Recipe Archive. I love anyone who sees me as someone who can actually blog about food. (Of course, the recipe I shared with Jama came from Atticus ... Shhhh ...)

You can enter Jama's contest by leaving a comment on her birthday post.  I'm off to do that right now.


* Lists such as:

5 Things I Wish I’d Known at the Start
5 Stages in “Soup of the Day” Evolution
5 Best Things About Blogging
5 Highlights of 2012
♥ 5 Reasons to Love Alphabet Soup Readers ♥

(Oooh, I feel a Blog Post of Lists coming on....)

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