Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Head to the Bonny Glen for a Bonny Giveaway

Lissa is hosting a giveaway -- a free, 3-month subscription to Lesley Austin's Wisteria and Sunshine blog. But "blog" is such a wan word for Wisteria and Sunshine, really. The site is a haven, a stash of ideas, an isle of peace in the frenetic blog world. The focus is on home, and simplicity, and clearing out the various stripes of clutter in our lives but it's also about books, and discussion, and finding kindred spirits.

I have Lissa to thank for introducing me to Lesley -- when I first started reading Lissa's blog (what now seems like a hundred years ago), she mentioned Small Meadow Press. I popped over there and was immediately smitten. And, like Lissa, I have sweet touches of Small Meadow around my house. I loved Lesley's creations and was so sad to see Small Meadow Press close.

But Wisteria and Sunshine has brought Small Meadow back to me, in a new and more expansive way. Go visit Lissa and leave her a comment for a chance to win a subscription and experience the loveliness of Wisteria and Sunshine.


Lissa said...

Thanks for sharing, Karen! One of my happy things is that you are at W&S too. :)

sarah said...

W&S is indeed a beautiful place, a haven. Aren't we so lucky to have Lesley? :-)