Friday, June 08, 2012

If I Didn't Have a Husband and Children ...

Atticus and the girls were out of town for a couple of days this week, so I was home alone. I had a little writing retreat.

When everyone is gone, I tend to eat very simply -- leftover almond chicken for dinner Wednesday night, and then the last of the leftovers for lunch on Thursday. Breakfast was strawberries and blueberries and I was so busy writing all day that I forgot to snack. (It helped that there was no truly excellent chocolate in the house.) I did not, however, for a moment forget the coffee. Always a fresh pot brewing.

It occurred to me that if I lived alone, I would be a prolific writer, and with all the money I would save on food I'd be rich, and with all the forgetfulness about snacks I'd be skinny, too.

But I'd be lonely and miserable.

So happy to see them walk through the door.


Patricia said...

I do understand! :) We don't have children at home, but I have similar realizations when my husband travels.

Kathcolo said...

I travel quite a bit with my work and sometimes relish the time alone to read, write, sew, etc. in my hotel room with just me. But that wears off by the first night and then I'm lonely and wanting to be home with my husband and little one.

Karen Edmisten said...

Oh, yes, I REALLY relish the time alone. As an introvert, I really look forward to my recharge time. But then, yes, I'm ready to be wife and mom again. :) But, recharging is important!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen...I visit every now and then. This post really caught my eye and I have experienced the same exact sentiments myself.

Your posts always put a smile on my face...thanks.