Thursday, April 05, 2012

"Mom? Who is Dan, and why are you wishing him a happy anniversary?"

Thus spake Betsy.

And I replied unto her (in my best Here's-Your-Catechetical-Reminder voice), "That's Father A., sweetie. And it only says 'Dan' because that's the way his email address address shows up in my Inbox. And I'm wishing him a happy anniversary because Holy Thursday is the anniversary of the institution of the priesthood. Remember?"

"Oh. Yeah. That makes sense."

Don't forget to sensibly wish your priest a happy anniversary today.


Margaret in Minnesota said...

We've been doing a purple-construction-paper-chain of intentions this Lent. Every night, after family prayer, we read the link for the following day.

Guess who got today's special intention? Our parish priests, that's who. What a great coincidence, huh?

(Or is it...?)

Blessed Triduum, Karen!

Karen Edmisten said...

Blessed Triduum to you, Mags!

We've done a paper chain thing, too, but a little differently. I love your idea of opening one per day instead of adding one (which is what we've done.) What a happy "coincidence"! :)