Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Bits and Pieces of Our Days

* It's Holy Week!

I haven't blogged much about Lent this year, for a couple of reasons. I sometimes feel as if I already said every relevant thing about Lent in the post that is so long it takes you 40 days to read it. And yet, every Lent is different and new, so there's always something to say or observe, right? This Lent, for me, has been about balance (in taking care of my family and myself) and about letting my stomach growl. There's nothing like a loud midsection to solidify  one's compassion for those who don't have enough to eat on a daily basis.

* Ramona Update

I'm reading Understood Betsy (previously mentioned here and here) to her. I love this book so much.

She's rereading all the Martha books. Loving them. She read them a couple of years ago, and I read them aloud to her before that. But just as every Lent can bring a new insight, every year of maturity brings something new to light in an old, beloved book, no?

Recent favorite Ramona moments:

Ramona: Mom, drive through my cafe -- It's called Kittens, Cake & Ice Cream.

Me: Ok, I'll take a kitten, a cake & ice cream.

Ramona: No, my name is Kitten!


She also told me, "Mom, I think you're kinda like ... who's that god of wine again?"

(Obviously, I did not give up red wine this year. However, lest you conjure images of bacchanalian nights -- we homeschooling moms are famous for those -- I'll remind you that I am all about balance this Lent.)

Poor Ramona just got over a bout of stomach flu, which partially explains my absence from the blog for almost a week.

* But only partially.

We've been busy with plenty of other things -- art class taught by the Magical Mrs. M. (it was a fun Paul Klee project). And there's been the regular occupational therapy for poor Betsy, who had such a bad case of tendinitis (and I can't stop thinking I'm misspelling that when I don't spell it tendonitis, but apparently I'm not) that she wasn't writing (and this, believe me, is a tragedy for Betsy -- thank goodness for Dragon software, courtesy of her grandpa), and wasn't playing her violin. She's on the mend!

* Next year, I will not be Anne-with-an-e's teacher. Gulp.

I was putting together an invitation for her graduation party, and I found this photo of her as a baby:

Yeah. That's Heart of Darkness. I blame Atticus.


Karen said...

Were you trying to put Anne to sleep by using that book? That is my least favorite book in the world. I fell asleep reading it multiple times within the first few paragraphs. I should probably keep that book on hand for those occasional sleepless nights now that I think of it.

Liz said...

Oh my goodness, how the years have flown by. Seems like just a couple of years ago that you were agonizing about kindergarten...

Karen Edmisten said...

I *totally* blame Atticus, Karen. :)

Liz, I know! Unbelievable, isn't it? And now I can't even imagine having them grow up any other way. :)