Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Snapshots of Days With Ramona

We've started putting together her anatomy project (kind of hard to see, but here it is):

She made the heart with fun foam. The intestines will be made of hot pink giant chenille stems. We're thinking we'll sew lungs from pieces of red fleece. We haven't decided what Ramona's brain will be made of. Hmmm. (The idea for this came from a very old piece of curriculum, a book entitled My Temple of the Holy Spirit.)


More science ... another Krampf video, discussing acid-base reactions. Yesterday, Ramona was busy mixing an indicator solution. We ran to the store for cabbage first, of course. 


We watched Dolphin Tale and the next day, Ramona had decided she worked at an animal hospital. She posted the proper signage in order to keep trespassers away:


And, although it seems too early in Nebraska for the daffodils that Atticus brought home yesterday to be in bloom, they are lovely: 


tanita davis said...

UNbelievably cute! Brains are tough... looking forward to what you come up with.

Karen Edmisten said...

Yeah, I'm kind of thinking that a head of cauliflower would look just right, but that's not very practical. :)

Diane Hurst said...

The "large body on the wall" project is a really good way to learn what and where the organs are. I have 9 kids, and we've done this three different times. We used "My Body" (Teacher Created Materials)-- this has reproducible paper patterns.

Once we included my older son's dog, too-- we had to find out what the insides of a dog look like . . .

Danae said...

Awww...Atticus brought you flowers? How sweet!