Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bits and Pieces of Our Days

* When I last did a Bits & Pieces post, my kitchen counter was messy. A percentage of the messiness was the huge project in which Anne-with-an-e and Betsy were immersed. Their play -- a musical performed by the parish youth choir and written/directed by Anne and Betsy and their two best friends, Sarah and Mary -- came off beautifully last weekend.

The week leading up to it featured last-minute costume runs, and some final T-shirt prep:

We also ran around town to a couple of different radio stations so that Betsy and one of the stars of the show could participate in interviews. Much fun.

Performance day arrived on Sunday. The choir was in top form, we had a great, big crowd, a terrific pre-show (a magician who still has me scratching my head over his Houdini thing), and lots of pizza, good company, and chatting afterward. If I do say so myself, "Bible Bound: The Ultimate Journey" was a musical of Biblical proportions. I'm so proud of my girls (and my other two girls, Sarah and Mary) for taking on this project. We're so blessed to have an amazing liturgy director who had faith in the girls when he asked them to take this production on.

* We've also been busy getting the girls ready for a big pilgrimage. They took off today and we now have a rather quiet household. Ramona and I have a few Mommy-Daughter projects planned since she has me all to herself for a few days. Are Barbies in my future? Maybe I can just talk her into a long walk and then ply her with chocolate.

* Anne-with-an-e is loving her community college Spanish class. She's not used to this thing called "homework" but she loves learning the language. Ramona, however, still can't get used to the phrase, "Anne's at school, remember?"

* Pizza Fondue was recently a hit here. I highly recommend it for a quick and tasty meal.

* Recently the subject of Daniel Radcliffe came up. Both Betsy and Anne think he's exceedingly adorable but Betsy pointed out that she could never truly love someone who doesn't love cake.  I think I'm raising them right.

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