Thursday, December 15, 2011

School Notes

We'll call it Zoom Schooling.

Ramona has been watching old clips of Zoom, at and on YouTube. It's science, it's history, it's drama, it's cooking, it's art.

It's exhausting.

Yesterday, it occurred to me that I remembered feeling the slightest bit of relief when my older girls outgrew Zoom. I just couldn't keep up with it: "Let's make batteries from potatoes while we're creating three-layered popsicles while we're talking in Ubbi-Dubbi and mixing our own paints from materials found in our backyard! And then let's put on a show about all that stuff, and volunteer in our community to teach others how to put on the same show using only the power generated from potatoes!"

(Anne-with-an-e, by the way, can still speak fluent Ubbi-Dubbi. That amazes and frightens me.)

So. There seems to be a new project daily, not to mention the fact that I can't get "C'mon and Zoom, c'mon and Zoom, c'mon and Zoom, c'mon and Zoom and zoom, zoom, zooma, Zoom!" out of my head.

Add to that the nerdily lovable Happy Scientist (I've blogged about Robert Krampf many times before) and we currently have sugar crystals growing in the mud room while today I believe there's something on tap with butter.

Throw in lots of great Advent reading, and so far it's been a December to remember.


The Bookworm said...

Ubbi-dubbi? I remember talking eggy-peggy as a kid. Same principle, but "egg" instead of "ub". Theggink eggi ceggan steggill deggo eggit. Not sure I am fluent though. (Oh boy did predictive text hate that!)

Love2Learn Mom said...

LOL. My kids have only seen a handful of zoom episodes ever (our tv channels were too inaccesible in those days) but they all speak fluent ubbi-dubbi. ;)

Sara said...

Oh no! I don't think my youngest two even know what ubbi-dubbi is!!!! :-( We just discovered that the youngest (almost 10!) has no idea who Wishbone is, either. I need to remedy that.