Thursday, November 10, 2011

Overcooked and Underappreciated

Yesterday I:

Roasted a chicken (Granted, I did tweet this, but we won't go there right now....)
Roasted the last of Atticus' homegrown potatoes
Baked a double batch of pumpkin bread
Made an apple crisp
And there were still some chocolate chip cookies lolling around from the day before.

In the evening, Ramona surveyed the kitchen and pronounced, "All this baking, and not a homemade granola bar in sight."

(Photo thanks to Stock.xchng)


  1. Lol! Here I was thinking your list of kitchen achievements was so impressive - and then I finished the post deflated! Frankly, how you manage to cook anything considering you do such a thorough job of homeschooling three daughters, and you write ... like I said, impressive.

  2. Hahahahaah!
    That kid...

    Methinks it's time Mama pointed her to a cookbook.

  3. Oh (chuckle chuckle) Karen, I'm sorry your culinary outpouring didn't overwhelm Ramona with gratitude!
    But the picture you posted with the story was sooooo funny, and so perfect!!
    I totally understand... one time when I had done an amazing cooking/baking blitz, my son asked: "Is this all there is to eat?"
    (sigh,... eyes rolling)

  4. Thank you, all, for the much-needed sympathy. Clearly you get it. :) And, Tanita: Yes!