Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our Coats of Many Colors

Awhile back, I did a post about Our Coats of Many Colors, a small costume business run by a mom (and amazing seamstress) in Kansas.

With All Saints' Day and Halloween approaching, I thought I'd throw out another mention. A longtime pal of mine, Maria Rioux, helps out with the design and sewing, and when I think of Maria, the words strength and integrity come to mind. And these costumes are things of strength and integrity. They are expensive, yes --  and you should know that when I first reviewed them (as I mentioned in that original post), I received two "review copies" so that I could offer my opinion. My opinion was, and still is, that these are gorgeous saint/religious costumes, they are beautifully made, and they will not fall apart, even during bilocation (although I must confess we haven't actually experienced that here, though on many a day I wish for the gift of being two places at once.)

They certainly seem pricey, I know, but for large families who will see them passed from child to child, I imagine they would become something of a dress-up investment. The two dresses we received three years ago are still in terrific shape and Ramona foresees getting many more years out of them. Here they are:

(Please note: I have no stake in the Our Coats of Many Colors business. I'm simply grateful for the dresses we received for review, and I'm happy to help friends spread the word.)


Amy Carney said...

Love these costumes too. Thanks for reminding me of them.

Oh, and we do have the gift of bilocation: it's called marriage. Today my heart was across town at fencing lessons with my oldest dd, while my body was at ballet with the next two. :) God's gifts are amazing, even when they're commonplace.

Karen Edmisten said...

Love that, Amy. Yes, my heart is often spread out all over the place. :)