Monday, October 17, 2011

Bits and Pieces of Our Days

I missed mentioning St. Teresa of Avila's feast day on Saturday -- we were busy giving our friends backaches by asking them to help move a free piano to our house. It was free! Free, I tell you! And Ramona is in a little bit of piano heaven. True, you can't turn the volume up and down as you could on our old electronic keyboard, and true, you can't play that d.j. sound effect (a huge checkmark in the "pro" column for me) as you could on the old keyboard, and true, it doesn't play "Fur Elise" on its own while you are dancing in the living room wearing a tutu, but Ramona can forgive it all of that. And so can I. It's a real piano! And it was free! 


Speaking of the feast day I neglected to mention, here's a favorite St. Teresa of Avila quote:

"God, deliver me from sullen saints."


Ramona and I have continued looking into Ancient Egypt. She really enjoyed traveling there with Ms. Frizzle. We made papyrus -- soaked plain white paper in tea and came up with  fun stuff for practicing our heiroglyphics:


We made the requisite autumn visit to an apple orchard to make up for the fact that I usually don't make the requisite visit to an apple orchard. It was lovely -- the weather, the free apples, the purchased apples, the time with friends, the requisite apple crisp that came out of the oven at the requisite later time. Also lovely was the requisite chatting with other homeschool moms and the fact that from one of those conversations came a phone call the next day informing me that someone was giving away a piano. Free, I tell you! Beaten up, yes, but free.


Pianos make me happy. Free makes me happy. Heiroglyphics make me happy. And today my sister and brother-in-law are coming for a visit, and that makes me even happier (and explains the silence that will ensue on this blog for the next couple of days.) 


tanita davis said...

Ooh, happy dance for the piano! I don't even play that well, but buying a used one was such fun for me - I miss it (couldn't drag it to Scotland), but enjoy knowing that my nephews are banging away on it, taking piano lessons.

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Pianos are the best! Free pianos are even BETTER!

Except...wait. If pianos are the "best" then they have no superlative. So what does being free make them, in the end?

Margaret in Minnesota said...

PS. Thank you for mailing that bookplate off. You're the BEST. ;)

Kimberlee said...

Hoo-ray for your piano!! I'm so happy for you! (and if any of your readers are looking for a free one, try craigslist! in my area they are quite a frequent offering)