Friday, September 30, 2011

Poetry Friday

Jump over to The Writer's Almanac for my pick today, a poem by David Budbill -- it's only five lines long, so I'll just tell you it's called "September Visitors", that it's perfect for bidding farewell to summer weather, and that it reminds me of what my friend Jack's grandfather used to sing-song about company: "Happy to see you come, happy to see you go."

Poetry Friday is being hosted this week by the always lovely, always delightful, always eloquent Sara Lewis Holmes.


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Mary Lee said...

The more they share David Budbill poems on TWA, the more I fall in love with his writing! This one is saved in my electronic poem folder...I'm sure you'll be seeing it on my blog some September or another. It's PERFECT!

Lady.Rosary said...

Simple and charming. The poem reminds how life can be written in such an uncluttered and real way. Thanks for sharing a great poet.