Sunday, August 28, 2011

Should You Be Wondering Where I Am ...

... I am busy pretending to be a mom-of-many.

Five extra kids here this weekend (two of them teens, so they're of course a huge help, along with my older girls) while their parents deliver their oldest brother to college.


~ The busyness of three-year-olds: How could I have forgotten? When they're not asleep, they're moving. Rapidly. (Plus, they're always cutely announcing what's happening: "Mrs. Edmitten! Tha's the dryer buzzing!" "Mrs. Edmitten! Your cat's in the window!") 

~ If you leave the Ivory soap bar within their reach, three little girls together in a tub will find a reason to rub said bar all over their hair. If anyone at Mass this morning noticed a dull film on those three adorable heads, you can blame me and my rinsing technique. 

~ College? What? Isn't that boy still nine years old? 

I'll be back soon -- the visiting kids head back to their house tomorrow and we'll return to our regularly scheduled small family. 

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