Friday, June 03, 2011

Poetry Friday: Ted Kooser

I have a special nook in my heart for spiral notebooks, and for Ted Kooser (past posts on Kooser are here. And he'll soon be appearing at our local library -- huzzah!) For years, my journals were written in humble spiral notebooks and I still think nothing beats their levelheaded simplicity. How can one not feel affection -- for the spiral notebook, life as we know it, and Ted Kooser -- after reading this poem?

A Spiral Notebook
by Ted Kooser

The bright wire rolls like a porpoise
in and out of the calm blue sea
of the cover, or perhaps like a sleeper
twisting in and out of his dreams,
for it could hold a record of dreams
if you wanted to buy it for that
though it seems to be meant for
more serious work, with its
college-ruled lines and its cover
that states in emphatic white letters,

(Find the rest of the poem here, at The Writer's Almanac.)

The Writer's Armchair has the round up today.


Beth said...

Thank you for sharing this! I love both Ted Koozer and spiral notebooks. (Still journal in spirals, usually found on clearance in drugstores.) And hooray that you're getting to hear Mr. Koozer in person. I hope you'll share about it here!

tanita davis said...

I love this poem - I love lists and note books and I have them all over. My spiral bound ones tend to be huge, but I love them, too...

Melanie B said...

Love it. I don't write in spiral notebooks nearly so often these days-- my blog sort of fills that niche. But oh they hold a place in my heart.