Friday, May 20, 2011

Poetry Friday: Afraid So

This poem so aptly captures angst that it seems the perfect poem for one penning a piece under deadline.

I know I'll make my manuscript deadline -- as Atticus reminded me the other day, "You always feel this way and it's always okay .... " -- but until I do, I'll be asking questions like the ones in this week's poem.

And, after I meet, greet, then bid the deadline adieu, I'll be back for a snappier, happier, less fatalistic Poetry Friday post.

Does that mean I will still be neglecting my blog for the next few days?

Afraid so.

Afraid So
by Jeanne Marie Beaumont

Is it starting to rain?
Did the check bounce?
Are we out of coffee?
Is this going to hurt?
Could you lose your job?
Did the glass break?
Was the baggage misrouted?
Will this go on my record?
Are you missing much money?
Was anyone injured?
Is the traffic heavy?
Do I have to remove my clothes?
Will it leave a scar?
Must you go?

(Read the rest of the poem here, at The Writer's Almanac.)

Julie Larios has the round up today at The Drift Record.


christine M said...

Good luck with your deadline. I can definitely relate to the anxiety producing thoughts in the poem. Those are the thoughts that usually invade at 3AM when nothing can be done about anything anyway (except closing windows if it is indeed raining)

Jeannine Atkins said...

Uh oh. This just sort of seemed normal to me...

Mary Lee said...

"Did the mattress salesman scam us?"

That's the one that woke me bolt upright this morning. Now it's time to grade papers and work on report cards.

"Did I teach them well enough this year?
What will they remember about fourth grade?
Will they lose all they've gained over the summer?
How am I going to keep doing this for 10 more years if our state government erodes our profession to a nubbin?"

Karen Edmisten said...

Christine, yes, at least we can control our windows. :)
Jeannine, you need a glass of wine.
Mary Lee, sorry about the mattress, and ditto for my husband on the erosion ....

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Did I leave the windows open? Did I miss the weather report? Did you take your medicine? Little questions that round out my day. LOL some more portent than others. Hope you are making your deadline and it's all good!