Friday, April 15, 2011

Poetry Friday: You and I by Jonathan Potter

From his Poetry Friday picks and pairings* to his general stupendousness (pick a post, any post -- well, any post except this one), Atticus is the best thing about me. 

So I was immediately smitten with this poem, You and I,  by Jonathan Potter

It begins

You are a warm front
that moved in from the north,

and then it winds through several other marvelous metaphors and ends: 

And I am the discoverer of you. 

Depart immediately and go read the whole poem here, at The Writer's Almanac.


The Poetry Friday round up is at Random Noodling.

*If you follow only one of those links, choose this one and then follow the link to see the poem paired with a painting. I may not possess the general stupendousness of Atticus, but I do get to lay claim to it. Thank you, Jonathan Potter.


Skysaw said...

I like the poem. How about "You and I" by Stevie Wonder? or "And You and I" by Yes?

Mary Lee said...

Love those metaphors. Reminds me of the Billy Collins poem that starts "You are the bread and the knife..."

Karen Edmisten said...

Yes to Stevie Wonder; no to Yes. :)

Love that one, too, Mary Lee.

Skysaw said...

Stevie, cool! But no Yes? :-( Isn't that a contradiction? Can I at least get some Atticus support here? ;-)

Karen Edmisten said...

I'm sorry, Father! Atticus says no to Yes, too. :)