Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Quick Reviews: Books Worth Reading -- 2010 (The Doubter's Edition)

A Doubters Novena: Nine Steps to Trust With the Apostle Thomas, by Mike Aquilina and Christopher Bailey 

Reading an Aquilina book is, for me, like taking a class from a favorite professor. I always learn something, always enjoy the presentation, and I always close the final page edified. 

As Bailey and Aquilina teach you some history and guide you in prayer, they will also help you take heart in the doubts and faith of the apostle who said (as they quote JPII as noting), "Let us also go, that we may die with Him." (Jn 11:16)

When's God Gonna Call Me Back? Reconnecting With Your Creator, by Marge Fenelon

I really appreciated the honesty of this book. Fenelon allows the stories of those who have drifted away from or actively left the Catholic Church to be simply and directly told. She lets her contributors vent, explain, remember, commiserate. She carefully but charitably shares the unflagging teachings of the Church, includes supporting Scriptures as food for thought, and offers questions for discussion. If you struggle with the Church, or know someone who does, this book may offer some much needed and charitable kindness, support, and information.

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