Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Books Worth Reading -- 2010: Mare's War (Win a book!)

If we didn't already have this book, I'd be entering in the next ten seconds. We love Tanita Davis. Fortunately for you, I already own it and so will remain here to blog about how you can get it. For free.

You can win a free copy of Mare's War  just by being one of the first 25 people to leave her a comment and drop her a note. And, if you miss the "first 25" deadline, you'll still have a chance to win through some additional random drawings.

Go to this post at Tanita's blog to get all the contest details.

And the other day she announced the new unit study she put together to accompany the book. I had the fun and privilege of getting a sneak peek at her ideas.

And what timing -- Just as I was thinking, "Anne and Betsy would love to do some of this stuff," Ramona approached me with her latest request. She was remembering some of the World War II books we read aloud a few years back. She doesn't remember them in detail, and wants to hear them again. She has already presented me with Snow Treasure and Twenty and Ten.  So, I know what period in history we're going to revisit. I'll be looking for some other suggestions, too, to add new stuff to my older girls' reading lists. 

Enough about me! Go enter the contest!

And, just for fun, and because I love this 31-second clip, you can go here to hear Tanita talking about her name.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I wanted to win that book so badly. Unfortunately, you have to be registered to leave comments on her blog, and after you do that a password will be emailed to you. an hour later and I'm still waiting. Maybe I'll win the drawing!

tanita davis said...

Pssst. Paula.
It's coming -- WordPress might be slow as molasses in January, but I did see your name and email come by - it should be processing...!

Sue said...

I love Twenty and Ten! How about The Winged Watchman - have you read that? It's set in Holland during WWII, and is one of my all time favorites.

I always hesitate to enter contests, since I live overseas, but I'll go check it out anyway.

Karen E. said...

Yes, we did read The Winged Watchman. One of our favorites! How about Escape from Warsaw? Did you read that one? The girls and I really loved that one, too.