Sunday, December 12, 2010

If That Had Been Me, We'd Be Without That Toilet Paper


Our Advent has been plodding along at a pleasant pace. Yes, we're busy with all kinds of life-things and school-things, but we're also preparing for the coming of the Christ Child, one lovely step at a time.

The first Sunday of Advent I realized I did not have Advent candles in the house. I usually try to buy an extra set of candles and pack them away with the Advent wreath, but apparently I didn't do that last year. No reason to panic.  (Yes, I try to live up to my blogging.) I dug some old purple and pink candles out from a stash kept under the kitchen sink and we lived with substitutes until I got out that week to buy some new ones.

On Friday, we set up our tree and discovered which light strings work and which don't. I'm down to two working strings of bubble lights.

(Photo courtesy of Corey Ann)
After stringing the lights and red beads, we knocked off. We'll finish decorating the tree tonight after dinner. I used to stress out about when to put the tree up, as if there were a definitive Catholic doctrine regarding the timing of twinkle lights, homemade sequin-and-styrofoam ornaments, and family tradition. Scrupulosity is no fun. There are so many other things one can stress about without fighting with one's self or others over December 1st versus 24th for a tree. Now, we put the tree up at whatever time works for us in any given December. 

Why Atticus Is My Hero 

Yesterday, Atticus braved the blizzard to make a badly needed run to the grocery store. As he pushed the cart out of the store, a 50 mph gust of wind caught a 12-pack of toilet paper and spirited it away. He left the cart and at superhuman speed (or so I imagine) chased down the toilet paper, which had zoomed all the way to the other end of the very long, large store. As he headed back to the cart, he couldn't even see the cart -- it was hidden by blowing snow.  He plowed on, praying that the cart hadn't been sent into the parking lot, to either cause an accident for someone, or cause us to lose about $100 worth of groceries. He found it, thanked Jesus and guardian angels, and made it safely home.

Next time, I'll stock up on everything. It was, after all, 50 degrees the day before this snowstorm hit. I should have known.


Jennifer Gregory Miller said...

What a husband! Snowed in with no TP would be a terrible fate!

We're pretty casual about when we set up the tree, also. I like to wait until Gaudete Sunday, but no biggie if sooner or later.

Karen E. said...

He's a keeper, no? :) Hope you had a great Gaudete Sunday, Jennifer, and got the tree up!